Alex Santos

Alex is a professional diver who has his own company wich is active in recovery of bodies after boat-disasters.

Alex first experienced scuba diving in a pool when he was 9 years old. In 1991 he reached the top Naui level when he became a recreational diving instructor trainer at the Guam U.S Naval Base. On the same year he started technical diving. In 1992 he was certified technical diver in Guam . Alex is currently an Iantd cave instructor.
He is also the founder and CEO for philippine technical divers (
With this company he is doing recovery work from shipwrecks. This can be recovery of valuable objects or victims of drowning. He was involved in many disasters at sea and awarded by the governement for his work. Alex is also a practioner of hyperbaric chamber therapy. He has also used oxygen in-water treatment to save a number of divers from DCS.